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My name is Sra. Frailey. I am a state-certified K-12 Spanish Teacher turned online Spanish homeschool expert. I know what works and what doesn’t, both by experience and research during my undergraduate studies. I believe every child can learn a new language with the right support. It is my mission to provide that support through tutoring, activities, workbooks, and parent education.

Even if you don't speak Spanish yourself, I can give you the tools to help your child succeed!

If you’ve been trying Babbel or Duolingo and it just isn’t cutting it, I may have the solution for you! While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with using those apps, they don’t actually teach you Spanish. Most users walk away knowing a few words or phrases, but lacking a functional capacity in the language.

I believe every child can learn a new language with the right support.
It’s like swimming: you can study all the textbooks, Google all the things, take all the quizzes and ace them. But until you have practiced over and over again in the real water, you won’t want to toss those floaties 😉.

If you want your child to speak Spanish, they have to actually use it to communicate.

In my classes, yes, we will cover vocabulary and grammar. Unlike other programs and methods, however, grammar and vocabulary will always be settled within a communicative context. For example, we might learn to discuss likes and dislikes as we play within a restaurant setting. Prepositions may be employed as we navigate a virtual map of Mexico City. In this way, students not only learn about grammar academically but are encouraged to view grammar as a functional vehicle for communication. It makes more sense to them and is more fun for everyone!

That's where I step in!
Let's work together to create a personalized learning plan for your child.

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